SenPIXELS was born from a need to create beautiful timeless pieces that capture the true essence of the moment. Passionate about photography from a young age, SenPIXELS was created after years of learning and practice. SenPIXELS aims to stay true to it’s passion for photography which drives SenPIXELS to create work of quality.

SenPIXELS focuses on producing professional and creative work based on the client’s needs.

All projects are approached with passion and vision. SenPIXELS works in several different types of photography such as fashion, event and portrait photography.

Senthan, photographer and founder of SenPIXELS has worked for leading companies like Fashfest, Canberra’s leading fashion show organization, as a runway photographer. Other works of his has been featured in local and international outlets such as SBS, Bangladesh Pratidin, and more.

We’re talking about millions of pixels

Our Team

Senthan Thani

Founder / Photographer

Kushal Chand

Assistant Photographer

Let us create unforgettable memories of your special moments !